We have all experienced a very difficult and challenging time over the last 18 months but you will, I hope, remember our marvellous centenary year when so many member of the parish pulled together and lived the five principles of  

WELCOME + WORD + WORSHIP + WELFARE + WITNESS These principles were the corner stones of our celebrations.  

I am extremely proud, that over the past long ‘covid’ months, these blessings have continued to be paramount in our parish family and have stretched far out into our local community. It is timely then to remember the extraordinary experiences that we had during that year. The extensive research by our archivist, Nicola Clapp (R.I.P) resulted in a wealth of material and ultimately in the creation of two scrapbooks, beautifully made by Lorraine Richards. The first records the past 100 years of parish life, including priests, curates and the church building and its windows.  The second book recorded of all the events leading up to and including the centenary celebrations.   

Eric Howard collected photographs as a record of events through the year which were saved to a special DVD. 

A Centenary Book, edited by Siobhan Canham, on my behalf, was published and we had an official ‘book launch’ on Sunday 19th July 2015. Many families had their family name printed in the book, and there is now a copy in the Diocesan archives as a lasting record. 

I am most grateful to Siobhan and to Dave Carson for now making the Centenary Book available on the parish website for everyone to enjoy. Do take the time to have a look and send the link to your friends and family.  

Click here to download your copy of the Centenary Book