UCM October Meeting

This month our speaker was Father Simon Ellis, a member of the Ordinariate who came to address us on three areas of his pastoral life. He described how, during the Pandemic, as a hospital chaplain he had ministered to patients in all wards, including COVID wards. Whilst not allowed to visit parishioners, he had been able to take Communion to those in hospital. He then spoke about his life as a member of the Ordinariate, and gave an enlightening explanation of the process by which some Anglican priests had been welcomed by the Pope into the Catholic Church. Finally, he described his family’s hosting of a Ukrainian Refugee Elza Loran and her child. She is an artist now displaying in British galleries and Father Simon brought along a sample of her work.

There were a wealth of questions following his very interesting talk and Mary Thomas gave the vote of thanks. Father Simon then joined us for tea and biscuits.

Script by Siobhan Canham.

Photos from Liz Johnson.