How well do you know Britain?

As you all know Exmouth UCM ladies enjoy quizzes and what better way to start off 2022 with a very challenging and enjoyable ‘How well do you know Britain?’ quiz, held during our January meeting. The quiz was compiled by Mary Chaplin, our treasurer.

As well as questions referring to our local area and a map of the British Isles to fill in various town/cities and rivers there were more general questions which you may like to have a go at answering.

  1. Which city has ‘dreaming spires’?
  2. Which is the most common street name?
  3. Which is the only place name in the country ending with an exclamation mark?
  4. Where was the first National Park in England?
  5. What is the tallest building in London?
  6. Which is the longest river in England?
  7. Name 4 native English trees.
  8. There is a whirlpool in Scotland. What is it called?
  9. John Betjemin described this town as ‘the lovliest town in England.
  10. Where is the last castle built in England?

Our lucky winner, Barbara, received a trophy, a rosette and a box of chocolates.

Scroll down for the answers


  1. Oxford
  2. High St.
  3. Westward Ho!
  4. The Peak District (1951)
  5. The Shard
  6. The Severn (354KM)
  7. Choose from Rowan, Holly, Juniper, Oak, Hawthorn, Silver Birch, Hazel, Alder, Ash, Aspen, Beech, Blackthorn, Cherry and Elm
  8. The Corriewrechan (between Luing aand Scarba – Hebrides)
  9. Ludlow
  10. Castle Drogo (1930) now National Trust.