Good News for Exmouth Foundation and also a reprieve for the Plymouth Diocese UCM

Following the Extraordinary General Meeting of the National UCM in which the future of the UCM nationally was eventually rescued, the Exmouth Foundation held a similarly important and momentous Extraordinary meeting on Thursday 28th October in a private room at Ocean on the seafront.

At this meeting we learned about the above decisions nationally and the more local decision of Plymouth Cathedral group (the last remaining Plymouth Diocese group apart from Exmouth) sadly to close at the end of this year.

After a discussion of our own options – crucial in that we are now the only Foundation left in the Plymouth Diocese – we had to decide whether we too would close or provide both Foundation and Diocesan Officers. As some officers are already from the Exmouth Foundation we needed only to decide whether there were enough volunteers to fill the remaining Diocesan officer roles that had previously been held by Plymouth members.

After due deliberation new officers were found and voted in.

New officers for Plymouth Diocese are Lorraine – president and Siobhan – Secretary and for Exmouth Foundation will be : Lorraine  – president and Mary Thomas – vice president.

Our Foundation meetings for the rest of the year will be held at 2.00 in the Pilgrim Room at Glenorchy Church on the Exeter Road on Thursday 4th November, Thursday 18th November, Thursday 2nd December, Thursday 16th December. New members are very welcome.

Liz Johnson – Media Officer