Sunday Lunch in the Parish

The A-Team do it again!

Sunday’s shared lunch was a huge success and I would like to thank everyone for helping. I have been encouraged to make this a regular event with a different parish group hosting each of the planned lunches. Please take note of the following dates and groups that will  host the lunch.

Sunday 7th May Facilitated by the ‘Men’s Pub Lunch’ group
Sunday 16th July Facilitated by the Gospel Sharing Group
Sunday 24th September Facilitated by the UCM
Sunday 19th November Facilitated by CAFOD Group

Thank you for the wonderful community witness — Fr. Philip

This was such a lovely get together with some delicious food. Lots of friendly faces and it was great to have the time to chat to so many people as well. The A team were fab, very enthusiastic and so happy to help. Thank you to everyone for making Anwen feel so welcome at her first outing with them. Seth can’t wait until he is old enough to join too. —  (Willow)