Introducing Dominic Groups

Locally, there are many groups meeting already as part of our church and for different purposes, many of us belong to one or more of them but are unaware of how many there are. Through our Dominic Groups it is hoped that everyone who would like to share in a parish faith experience in a small group over five weeks during January and February 2015 will be able to do so. Each Dominic Group will be able to access similar support and guidance from the parish and each will enjoy similar opportunities to respond to the spiritual needs of its members as well as looking at our place in the wider community. The Dominic Groups are for everyone interested in getting to know a little more about themselves and other people in our area while developing our relationship with Christ.

For more information please click on the links below to download each of the recently distributed letters, the last one contains a form to register your interest to attend or facilitate a group meeting.