Appeal : Calais Soup Kitchen

Plans are underway by a small group from local churches in Exmouth to equip and supply the set-up in the refugee camp in Calais of a soup kitchen for 40 days over Christmas. Volunteers are coming forward to help and accommodation is required for them.

Water is available on the camp, but everything else we will need to be taken in. Can we ask for your support in this?  

Prayers are always needed and of course money with an estimated requirement of £5000.  All the money donated will go to equipping and supplying the soup kitchen and none for accommodation and transport except to get the kitchen over there. A bank account is being set up so cheques can be made out to “Calais soup kitchen” or donations put in an envelope and handed to the Church office at Holy Trinity.  

If you feel God is nudging you to be involved then contact John Plastow at   or call him on 01395 276027 or 07756475513