11 Confirmed by Bishop Christopher

Saturday the 6th May saw 11 smartly dressed young Catholics undergo the sacrament and celebration of Confirmation in front of their closest friends and family. For these young people, this would only enhance their relationship with God, becoming adult members of the Catholic Church.

The Confirmation journey in fact began 7 months ago, giving the young people the chance to get to know each other and make friends for life with several trips and meetings, including a residential trip to Buckfast Abbey and in February, the Flame Conference at Wembley Arena, surrounded by thousands of other young Catholics and many inspirational speakers.

The experiences gathered would lead them on their Confirmation journey to the celebration day where the service itself was influenced majorly by their ideas. Beside the usual readings and the well sung hymns (well done Alice!), the young people performed an interpretive dance which summed up nicely their whole experiences and their futures to come within the Catholic Church.

Even the design of the Bishop’s Chasuble was made by the young people, expressing messages and symbols, relevant to the service, making it a real collector’s item.

All in all a fantastic time was had by all and a lot of thanks must go towards the family and friends of those Confirmed as well as all the helpers, Father Phillip who worked with the candidates and of course the Bishop who conducted the service.

As someone who was lucky enough to be involved first hand as a server with the Bishop, I and the other servers felt somewhat humbled to be a part of and also feel proud and happy to see the candidates confirmed.

It made a change to see my sister all nicely made up anyway!

— John King