Palm Sunday – Rupert the Donkey leads the way!

On Palm Sunday many people braved the wet and very windy weather to go and meet our donkey, Rupert, very kindly brought from the Donkey Sanctuary, outside the Holy Family Convent in Raddenstile Lane. Armed with olive branches from our own olive trees (which have now grown to magnificent size) we followed Rupert, led by Father Philip, from the convent to the church, waving our branches and singing “Ride on, ride on in Majesty” as we went. Rupert, cross clearly visible on his back, walked all the way into church and up to the altar, behaving impeccably – even the bucket and shovel which followed him being unnecessary. The children continued the theme on their return from their own liturgy after the Passion Reading, running and dancing into the church shouting “Hosanna” and waving their branches, having said goodbye to Rupert on their way.