Church Sleepover & breakfast on the beach!!

On a chilly Friday evening May, after their SATS tests, class 6 from St Joseph’s School Exmouth ‘slept over’ in Holy Ghost Church. They thought about two occasions when the resurrected Jesus appeared to his disciples and took part in an evening Emmaus walk before spreading out their sleeping bags and pillows around the church. All the children wrote prayers on fish & scallop shell cards which were then tied onto a fishing net in the church.

Sleep came very late to many of them! The children were woken early on Saturday morning at 5.45 am to act out a short play reading of the Gospel reading before walking to the beach for breakfast. They enjoyed freshly cooked fish (and hot-dogs!) and still had plenty of energy to run around the deserted beach!

“We’ve enjoyed spending time with our friends”

“It was a good opportunity to relax and come together as a class. Breakfast on the beach was a brilliant experience. We won’t forget it!”

This wonderful occasion will be remembered by all who took part and is becoming a tradition for class 6 leavers at St Josephs. We are very grateful to the staff & governors who supported the sleepover.