We Remember Anne Smith..

Welcome to all of you. I am Ian, Anne’s eldest son and I’ve been offered the opportunity to speak for a few minutes about my mother, whose life we are celebrating here today.

Mum would be very pleased and honoured to see that you all could make it here this morning to share in this with us, as it was her family and friends who were the most important focus of her life. It was also your continued support, well wishes and prayers which were so valuable to both her and my Brothers and Sisters and for that, we sincerely thank you.

After the service, you are most welcome to come to the Ocean on the sea front if you can where there will be food and drink available.

Mum was the youngest of 6 children, brought up during the war years. I remember her telling me that she always found it remarkable that her Mum and Dad – My Grandparents – found a way of feeding, clothing and housing their children. These were the times of rationing, very little money and having to ‘make do the best they could’.
Yet further on in life, Mum did exactly the same. She brought up 4 children by herself with very little money yet always ensured we were fed, clothed and had a happy life. She made sure that we had a holiday each year and made each Christmas a magical time. They must have been tough times for her but she coped, and for that we were always truly thankful.
Life changed for her during the 70s when she met Bob – my step-father and Matthews Dad. They fell in love, and on Mum’s 40th Birthday, got married and brought a home. 3 years later the family was complete with the birth of my youngest brother Matthew and In 1985 they decided to up sticks and move from Birmingham to Exmouth. She worked for a local Insurance Broker for a short while but gave that up to become a Childminder. Many a time when I came to visit Mum, the house would be full of young children and the living room full of toys strewn across the carpet. She was new to the Community and wanted to put something back as a thank you.

As most of you know, Mum was a ‘Visitor’. She visited everybody. But not only since she moved to Devon, she did that when we were young too. Neighbours, the elderly, friends, family, anyone who needed a chat, Mum was an ear to all and was there for everyone.
Our Mother may have passed on in body but she still lives on in spirit. She is here in me. She is there in my beautiful Brothers and Sisters. She is in my children. She is in my Nephews and nieces and in all of my cousins and family members. She is here in her beloved church. She is, and always will be, inside of us all – forever.

We will never forget you Mum. We love you dearly and I will make a pledge on behalf of all the family to keep the light of your Love, generosity and kindness flickering forever.

God bless you and may God bless us all.