Ceneterary Big Breakfast – 25th January 2015

“Better than the Ritz!” was the view of one parishioner, as 90 odd breakfast guests sat down to brunch in the Parish Hall, filling it to capacity. The hall had been transformed into a cheerful cafe, decorated in white and yellow, every table sporting daffodils and pineapples. The fantastic brunch started with a delightfully arranged fruit platter, was followed by a plentiful hot breakfast buffet, and finished with muffins and coffee.  But in the best of tradition of Sunday breakfasts there was more than just food. There were copies our very own Parish Sunday Papers, the Centenary Times’, with articles and news of recent and coming events, and even a breakfast-themed crossword.

(We now know the Queen eats kippers for breakfast, but very few could work out Father’s Philips favourite fare). And for those who enjoyed a real intellectual challenge, there was a cryptic crossword, too.  John & Jean Dawson who had just celebrated their Diamond Golden Wedding were presented with a Papal Blessing by Father Philip and a delighted parishioner won the ‘half the cereal box, cash not calorie’ raffle. Thanks to the catering team who tirelessly, cooked, served and cleared – all for no tips!

— Siobhan Canham